What are TLD’s, ccTLD’s, SLD’s and gTLD’s?

There are many different types of domain names available, all of which can be beneficial for enhancing your online presence.


TLD – Top Level Domains

Top level domains are located to the right of the dot (eg. example.tld). The most common TLD’s are com, net, org and biz and are available to register without restriction. 


SLD – Second Level Domains

Second level domains are located to the left of the dot (eg. sld.tld). The SLD is the part that should be relevant to your business, as this is what your customers will search for.


ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

Country code top level domains are top level domains which are specific to different countries. The ccTLD for the UK is .co.uk and .uk. These are generally governed by specific registries in each country. In the UK for example, all .uk registrations must go through Nominet. There may be restrictions to who can register a domain in different countries. Please see our Conditions of Registration section for further information.


gTLD – Generic Top Level Domains

Generic top level domains were introduced in 2014 and are changing the way we use the internet. Rather than having a standard TLD or ccTLD, there are over 1000 new domain extensions to choose from. These new extensions offer a large variety of possibilities and are available for anyone to order. Please note that some of these domains will be listed as premium domains and may incur additional charges. If this is the case, we will be notified by the registry before the domain is registered and will then contact you to advise of the cost. 

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